Faith Baptist Church of Sachse is a vibrant congregation of ordinary people united around specific goals. No one is perfect, but we are sincere about becoming passionate followers of Jesus Christ and encouraging others in that pursuit. Each of the following purposes contributes to the identity of Faith Baptist Church.

You will find a friend at Faith!

  • We believe that worship should be dynamic, heartfelt, genuine, theologically sound and free from unholy influences.
  • We believe that discipleship involves clear and consistent teaching from the Bible and is the key to understanding Christian growth and maturity.
  • We believe that the fellowship we enjoy is an outgrowth of shared values that are derived from the written Word of God. We are united on the grounds of traditional, biblical values.
  • We believe in the purpose of ministry and building up one another through God-given spiritual gifts.
  • We believe that evangelism is the mission of the local church at home and abroad.


In summary the Gospel message is that men have sinned, thereby offending a holy God who must judge sin (Rom 3:23; Heb 9:27); that God in His mercy sent Jesus Christ into the world to die on the cross as the substitute for sinful people (Rom 5:8; 2 Cor 5:21); and that those who believe in Jesus as their Savior receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life instead of eternal punishment (John 3:16-18; Rom 6:23). Without being callous to social needs, we believe that the only way to meet the deepest need of mankind is with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, compassionate interaction, and consistent instruction from the Word of God.

Pastor Gregory F. Kelley * 2715 Ingram Road, Sachse, Texas 75048 * 972.530.0994